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Majili is about a failed love between Naga Chaitanya and Divyansha with Divyansha disappearing. Long love lorn Samantha marries Chaitanya without any expectation of love. In comes a Divyansha’s kid daughter to learn cricket from Chaitanya and patches them up for good. Click here for Majili Full Movie Download

The entire movie is in a Railway colony with frequent fights between Chaitanya and local political goons. Could have chosen a different colony than the Railway colony, the viewer might end up understanding Railway colonies this way. Samantha has played a demure role, unlike her, but is again marvelous at it. Chaitanya looks helpless with having forced to be a drunkard in the second half of the move, but sails through well enough.

Ramesh Rao, the father, at ease all the time makes the movie very interesting with his typical parental comments and exasperation.

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Yedetthu Mallel Song Lyrics 

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Yedetthu mallele
Koppulona chere
Daare ledhey

Nee thodu koyile

Raayethu ala theradhaati
Cheraraave cheliyaa
Eepodhhu peedakala daati
Nidharove sakhiyaa

Nee kantireppa kalanee
Kanneetilona kadhanee
Nee gundelona sadinee
Nee oopiraina voosuni
Naa oopiraaginaa

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